Starship Command


About Starship Command

Starship Command is a persistent-world, massively single-player, real-time tactical starship simulator wrapped in an AI-driven 4X game. Starting with a lowly shuttle, you will trade and battle your way to victory, amassing a gigantic fleet customized to your liking!

What Is Meant by Massively Single-Player?

Massively Single-Player means when you start Starship Command the first time, it will generate a galaxy with hundreds of sectors, each with their own planets and economies. Then populate the galaxy with seven AI-controlled empires that will attempt to conquer every sector. The galaxy persists through every captain you play as. And you can swap between multiple captains and play both sides of a conflict.

But What Do I Do?

Take command of a starship! (or a fleet of starships). Build a fortune by trading commodities, completing missions, collecting taxes from sectors and battle the other empires for glory!


  • Seven empires to play.
  • Hundreds of sectors to colonize, trade with or attack.
  • Customize your ship with over one hundred hulls and hundreds of components.
  • Amass an enormous fleet designed by you.
  • Automated captain’s log generation will note actions taken by you and later save the entire log to a file.
  • Persistent galaxy that stays through all captains you play as.

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