November 9th, 2017 – New Build

So, I was hoping this build would contain more but, a pretty lousy week got in the way.

Anyway, this build brings weapon mods. When a shipyard creates a new weapon it’ll have a chance to apply one of the applicable mods:

Pulse Weapons have Flak, an explosive pulse that can also destroy warheads easier, and Shotgun, multiple pulses for the charge of one!

Missiles have Cluster, which split into multiple warheads to avoid point defense, and Drone, which will circle your target and fire pulses at it.

Mines have Field Emitter, which fires a field weapon when the target gets near them, and Jump which will try to “jump” close to the target instead of being stationary and waiting for the target to come to them.

The next build I’m going to be focusing on adding more missions, jobs, and events so there’e be more to do!

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