First Beta Build – October 30th, 2017

Beta build time!

After slightly more than a year Starship Command 2 is in beta! And so, after a year of free alpha builds, I’ve started to charge for it. BUT I’ve also created a full-featured demo with saving disabled so you can try it out first!

New features include a tutorial (finally!), realtime sound generation for primary weapons, so the sound now lasts as long as the beams, some bug fixes and most importantly is scripting. Starship Command 2 can now be fully modded! Want to turn all neutron pulses into explosions at the end of their life? Sure! Why not!

I’m also using’s update service now, so you should no longer need to grab a new full version with every build, just get patches.

I’m also changing from a comment section to a discussion board, so support threads, mods, scripts and more can be organized there.

Happy Captaining!

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