State of Starship Command

Hi to the ~20 Starship Command players!

It has been too long for any news about SsC, but here we go!

I have not abandoned Starship Command. I’ve just had to take a break. There is so much more I want to add especially the ship boarding. But after two months of that, I’m still hitting some game breaking bugs with it.

So, with NaNoWriMo, coming up I figure I’d take a break from SsC and get back into writing. After that, I’ll see how I feel about it. Starship Command is the game I’ve always wanted and there is more that can be done with it, but it has taken up pretty much every single hour of free time that I have had for the last 14 months, and I’m burnt.

So, here’s to all the captains playing it. It’s not dead, just a hiatus.

Thanks you.

Long time, no update

It’s been a while since I last updated about what’s going on.

I’m currently mapping out the 100+ hull interiors for Starship Command, hopefully that and all the associated coding will be done by the end of the month.

I’m also polishing up Visual Plotter and trying to come up with a way to introduce a new user to it.

So that’s that, hopefully soon I can get a new build of SsC out!

Dev Update – July 31st, 2015

Just a heads up that development for Starship Command is not over. I’m currently testing different ideas for ship interiors for ship capture.

Also a new page was added to the website where I’ll put game assets that I’ve decided not to use, so others can use them without restrictions.

Starship Command 1.0 is Released!

I know I said Beta Build #10 was coming out soon but after internally testing it out, I felt that it is ready for prime-time. So I’m happy to announce that Starship Command is now released!

Since the first beta release over two months ago, SsC has seen a lot of usability improvements and new features. This new build includes a few bug fixes, an improvement to the pulse weapons to make sure they collide if the FPS drops, actual composed music and a new Android build!

Along with this release the evgLabs shop is now open and the unlock code that will enable saving is available for purchase.

So what does the future hold for Starship Command? Well, new features are being planned such as boarding parties and ship captures, away missions, space monsters, and more.

So get the new build and your unlock code with a 25% off launch sale and take command!

Beta Build #8 – Quick Fix

Beta Build #8 comes out early for some quick fixes.

Change log:

  • Abandoning ship now requires confirmation.
  • AI tweaks.
  • Warning alerts in the galaxy view are dismissable.
  • A new enemy ship rating next to the ID code in the target list, it is a rating based on the ship vs you and your fleet. (1 means an equal match, higher is harder to defeat and lower means easier).
  • Fixed some camera bugs with scrolling the target list.
  • Fixed weapons range ring staying after being destroyed.
  • 64 bit builds are now available for download!

Get the new build at the downloads page!

Beta Build #7 – Out Now!

Beta Build #7 is finally out.

Due to the beta, any previous galaxy and captains need to be cleared so the Starship Command can start with a freshly generated galaxy.

Change log:

  • Planets now have stats and descriptions, geographical features, life forms and festivities.
  • Pirates no are now restricted from using secondary weapons.
  • Component rebalancing, with the additions of commanding a fleet in the last build, it made the different types of ships redundant. To fix this larger ships have more hull strength and much more mass. So the dreadnoughts are a lot less responsive than the shuttle.
  • The false warning bug should be fixed for good.
  • Added a ring indicating maximum primary weapons range.
  • Other small bugs and additions.

So head over to the downloads page and get the new build!