Starship Command 1.0 is Released!

I know I said Beta Build #10 was coming out soon but after internally testing it out, I felt that it is ready for prime-time. So I’m happy to announce that Starship Command is now released!

Since the first beta release over two months ago, SsC has seen a lot of usability improvements and new features. This new build includes a few bug fixes, an improvement to the pulse weapons to make sure they collide if the FPS drops, actual composed music and a new Android build!

Along with this release the evgLabs shop is now open and the unlock code that will enable saving is available for purchase.

So what does the future hold for Starship Command? Well, new features are being planned such as boarding parties and ship captures, away missions, space monsters, and more.

So get the new build and your unlock code with a 25% off launch sale and take command!

Beta Build #10 – Update

Just a heads up that Beta build #10 is coming soon.

An updated way of processing the galaxy turn has been done and is undergoing some stress testing to make sure nothing has been broken.

Stay tuned!

Beta Build #9

Beta Build #9 is now ready for downloading!

Change Log:

  • Fixed primary and secondary weapons bug regarding reactor overheating.
  • Fleet AI tweaked.
  • Backings added to control panels in tactical view when in a nebula to increase readability.
  • New ship names not sticking under some circumstances in the shipyards.

Dev News – June 4th, 2015

Last night a new bug was found that when the reactor overheats beam weapons continue firing and secondary weapons never reset when the reactor starts.

This is fixed and will be available in the next build.