Visual Plotter Update 1.02

New version is out 1.02.


  • Box text is now embedded into the (it doesn’t go right up against the box edges) to improve readability
  • Lines can now be deleted – Double-click a line then click the “x”
  • PRO FEATURE – Custom Index now shows the title without scaling if no custom index has been set
  • PRO FEATURE – Custom Index visibility can now be toggled on/off
  • PRO FEATURE – Title card now shows “pro” when pro features are enabled

Visual Plotter 1.01 & Pro Features is out!

1.01 includes a small bug fix and pro features: coloring boxes, exporting to CSV, custom box index and a quick-box creation shortcut: press “n” and a new box with the same dimension as the last box made and will be created close to it!

Pro features need to be unlocked with a code available for purchase in the shop.

Preview for a plotting software!


The idea would be: You draw a box, which can be any size, and connect boxes with lines.
Each box will have a title which is displayed, a fuller description and custom tags.
The blue boxes are what the searching function has found so you can follow a theme, character, element etc.
That’s the basic of it and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or features they can think of.