FTL Drives and You


FTL Drives have been introduced in the latest build of Starship Command 2 along with other new features and small bug-fixes:

FTL Drives:

Right now, the only type of FTL is a basic Warp-Drive style (there are other types planned for future work).

The warp-drive style has six properties:

  1. Speed – How fast you can travel to your destination.
  2. Strength – Every time your hull is hit by weapons-fire, a component has a chance of breaking down.
  3. Charge Time – In tactical combat, how many seconds it will take at full power & strength to charge.
  4. Power Requirement – How much power is required to charge the FTL drive in minimum time.
  5. Mass Reduction – Another tactical combat property, this is what percentage your total ship’s mass is reduced by. Making your ship respond that much faster.
  6. Radiation Accumulation – In the galaxy view, whenever you are travelling, the FTL drive “picks up” radiation. ftl-radiation-accumulationWhen it reaches max, the FTL drive will shut down to vent off the radiation. This can be quickened by pressing the FTL Radiation button:ftl-radiation-overloadOr the radiation can be removed immediately by visiting a shipyards.

The shipyards will show a comparison of their FTL drive and yours:shipyards-ftl-comparison

As with the hulls, each shipyards will generate a unique FTL drive based on the empire’s FTL technology priorities. Since the FTL drives are generated, the empire selection window will show the empire’s FTL priorities:empire-ftl-priorities

What Else is New:

  1. A new panel in the sector screen will tell you the empire owner and relations, and shipyards are now not accessible unless the empire’s relations are positive:allied-empire-shipyards-available
  2. Also at the shipyards, it is now possible to sell a ship from your fleet:sell-ship
  3. The undiscovered sector graphic has been changed so there will be less “white-out” for large galaxies.
  4. Tweaked empire relation change when buying and selling.
  5. Fixed an error when an empire surrenders, that the surrendered sectors were not counted into the winning empire’s count.
  6. And a new Watch-Mode, pressing F5 will toggle unfog all sectors and center the camera, so you can just sit back and watch the empires expand and duke it out.

Starship Command 2 Major Update!

Major update today for Starship Command 2! Shipyards are now in place.


This means you can buy new/trade-in components in your fleet (as of right now, only hulls are implemented). Implementing this meant fixing a few bugs and tweaks to the hull generator code, mainly to calculate available cargo spaces based on the empire’s economic priority.

Also, implemented is a small quality-of-life improvement, the travel log:


This will, by default, keep track of your last five stops.

Another major change in terms of gameplay, is the added penalty of new governor claims. The cost of claiming a new sector as a governor, is multiplied, again by default, by the amount of already-governed sectors. This was to keep the player from just claiming every sector on the cheap. Adding this meant the player would have to be able to relenquish his governor’s claim. Doing so will sell the claim to your empire, the value of it is based on the development of the sector.

This introduced real-estate flipping! Claim a sector, buy and sell in the market, then immediately sell the claim. During testing this became game breaking as I was able to gain 4 billion credits in under a game-year. So, to squash this game-breaking “feature”, a cap was introduced to increasing sector development by market trading. All these values can be changed in the settings file, so if you want to be a space-real-estate mogul, just change the settings.

Also changed were the atmosphere graphic, it now is now longer “chopped” at the left side:


vs. the old:


The GUI graphics have been changed to a simpler/modern style

And fullscreen is toggle-able in-game by pressing Alt+Enter.

Starship Hull Generator Is Now Making Custom Config Files!



The starship hull generator code that takes a JSON config file and makes a hull out of it is now capable of creating a brand-new config file for the generated empires. That means the default 250 empires will have their own unique ships, no default/undefined shape. So, the next thing to do is take these configs and make similar versions for different classes. Then, followed by coding the actual shipyards in-game!

It took a while to detect/get rid of hull shapes that intersect themselves. But it is finally ready. I may add this into a new build of the Ship Flight testing program.

Starship Command 2 is Now in Progress

Or I should say it has been in progress for three months. I should update the site more often. So…



Currently, the empires (expansion, relations, wars, etc.), and markets are working and I plan to have an alpha build up in the next week. So stay tuned.

The power creator is working! – Superhero Card Game dev update

Here it is:



So, in this game, you create a superhero (or supervillian) and create the powers. The stronger the power, the lower the chance to draw it from your power set (or deck).

Next to work on is the actual battling, it’ll be a turn-based street-fighter-esque. Eventually, after the core gameplay is done, I’ll add the ability to customize the costume of your character!