Long Time, No Update – 5/20/2017

Sorry for the lack of updates took a break from development, got swamped with work, then back to development and the website just slipped through.

What’s Been Going On?

Bug fixes, asymmetrical hulls, crash logs, and more have been added. But as of today, the big news is ship interior generation is working and getting added! This will allow me to add in ship boarding and capture and lay the groundwork for away missions!


Starship Command 2 New Build: 170318-0608

A new build is out!

The Help Button:

I’ve added a help button, that should make SsC2 easier to understand until I can make a proper tutorial.

1Clicking the help button and then on the part of the GUI you want to learn, will pop up a message ox giving a quick explanation about it.


Field Weapon Improvements:

The AI now knows how to use field weapons instead of hanging back out of range. Field weapon graphics have also been improved:


Arr… Pirate ships are now roaming the galaxy, especially close to unclaimed sectors, so be careful when exploring.

Starship Command 2 New Build: 170302-1730

Most of the work this last build was in the framework for missions, (which includes) first contact scenarios. So, this build may seem a little light, but it allows for a much greater expansion in the future. That said…


Missions are up and running!

jobboard1The Job Board can be accessed at any habitable planet that your empire controls.

jobboard2The yellow ring in the galaxy view highlights which sectors have an ongoing mission.

jobboard3In the sector view, the yellow ring will appear around the planet the mission is looking for.

jobboard4Upon visiting the target planet, the next event in the mission will trigger.

So, that’s it I also have a tool for creating missions, but that needs a little polishing before release.

Starship Command 2 New Build: 170217-2124

New build time!

Control Panel Update:

ai-proximityWarhead Proximity

So, this build introduces the proximity slider for warheads. The fuller it is the further to the edge of the explosion the warhead will detonate:



This allows the warhead to have a better chance to strike the target while under point defense. This also gives function to mines! Now you can lay a field down that will trigger when an enemy gets near it instead of colliding with the mine.

AI Control

Also added is the AI toggle for your flagship. Enabling this will let your ship adjust heading, fire weapons, manage reactor plasma and such while you sit back and watch.

Advanced Sub-System Control


Also new is the Advanced tab in the control panel. In it, you can reinforce a sub-system (engines, FTL drive, shields or weapons) which will decrease the chances of the selected system to fail while under attack.

Along with reinforcement you can also increase the charge rate/performance of a sub-system (FTL drive, shields, weapons increase the charge rate, engines increases the thrust, and sensors increase the targeting of enemy ships) for a increased chance of failure.

Fleet Control


In the updated fleet control panel (which has been moved to the control panel tabs), there is a new slider for the “Follow Me” distance. This controls how close your fleet will try to stay to you. And the “Retreat Auth.” This overrides “Follow Me” and allows the ships to run from the battle if their hull strength drops to low.

What Did You Say To Me?


The Comms Panel is a new feature that will alert you to changes in your ship’s status (shields failing, components damaged/repaired, etc.),  arrival and destruction of ships and enemy ships will taunt you. The taunts appear in their native language and as your computer learns the communication will be translated.

What Did You Call Me?


You can now name your captain! It’s no longer fixed to Dunsel (high-five if you got the reference).


Along with your captain’s name, you can also name your hulls and your empire’s planets!


Key mappings are added in this build, too! To see the current list of keys go to “<GameFolder>\Data\Mods\Standard\misc\keyMappings.json”.

And as usual, small bug fixes have been included.

Happy Captaining!

Starship Command 2 New Build: 170201-0924

This build brings secondary weapons (and point defense), fleet command, battle rewards, empire-affecting battle results, and some quality-of-life improvements.

Empire Farming:

When exploring, if you come across an empire that hasn’t discovered space travel yet, it is “uplifted”. This incurs an economy debt to the new empire and it will not expand until it is filled. While the “debt” is active though, the empire receives a massive research boost. This gives the incentive to find these civilizations and use them so they will have components generations ahead of a normal empire.

Secondary Weapons:

There are two main kinds of secondary weapons, the warhead weapon and the field weapon.

Warhead weapons breakdown into three types,

  • The mine: A stationary, but high-damage weapon.
  • The missile: A slower, but seeking warhead, that will re-acquire new targets if the current one is destroyed.
  • The torpedo: A fast, high-yield, warhead that follows a fixed path and detonates at the end.

Point defense is also introduced in this build. It automatically tries to target incoming warhead and spend a fraction of the weapons’ charge to detonate the warhead.

Field weapons generate an area around the ship that continually damages all (enemy) ships caught within it. It is also the only weapon that can be maintained while travelling at FTL.torpedos-and-target-icon

Torpedoes closing in on the target (the red diamond)

The Target Window:


In the upper-right corner is the new Target Window showing the ship that is currently targeted, its’ status (shield strength, hull status, mass, distance and noise level), the empire it belongs to, and a component breakdown of what your ship’s sensors could determine.ship-icons


Targets can be selected manually by clicking on the ship marker (the colored circle). On the upper right corner of the ship markers is the empire relation status icon, yellow means neutral, green friendly, and red hostile.

Fleet Control:


The fleet control bar in the top-center of the screen allows you to toggle commands.

  • Attack Target: This commands ships in your fleet to attack the target you have selected or attack whichever target they find.
  • Follow Me: This commands your fleet to try to stay in close proximity to you.
  • FTL Auth: This authorizes your fleet to use their FTL drive when they find necessary.
  • Pri. Fire Auth: This authorizes your ships to fire their primary weapons at their current target.
  • Sec. Fire Auth: The same as above, but for their secondary weapons.

The ship markers that are surrounded by the two green circles indicate the shield and hull status of the ships in your fleet. The outer circle indicates shields, while the inner circle indicates hull. When either goes down, the color of the respective circle will fade to red the further down it goes.


Empire Information Panel:new-empire-screen

The empire information panel has been changed. It now shows the empire’s tech proficiency (the area that it receives a boost in), and the chosen propulsion, primary weapon, and secondary weapon technologies and the weapon types breakdown.


Combat Results:

After a successful (or at least survived) battle, you will be rewarded with an amount of credits based on the value of ships destroyed. Also as an effect of a successful battle, if the battle was damaging enough to the enemy empire, it will surrender some or all of it’s sectors to your empire:before-combat

Before combat.


After combat and the enemy surrendering.

Quality-Of-Life Improvements:

In the shipyards, the bug that wouldn’t let you sometimes select the last weapon arc of a hull, should be worked out and squashed. Also, a “Make Flagship” button has been added to the top of the fleet list. Since the first ship in your fleet is the flagship and if the flagship is destroyed, then you die. I added a simple button to promote the selected ship to the top so the fleet could be arranged.

New Update for a New Year – Ship Combat

Combat! Yay! It took a long time to get out a new build, but it’s here.ssc2-009-ship-combat-lighting

Power Management and Noise

Along with the combat screen, this build also introduces the Sensors component. In the galaxy view, it will de-fog undiscovered sectors that are claimed by an empire, instead of having to visit each sector individually. In the combat view, they try to lock in on the target’s position using it’s noise. The noisier the ship the easier time your sensors will have. When a weapon is ready to fire, it uses the data from the sensors to determine what angle to fire at. So even if the sensors fail to accurately lock in on the target, the weapon will fire at where they think the target is.

This gives an advantage to small ships that they are harder to hit at longer distances.

Noise is determined by how much power you are running through your components. So if your engines are at full throttle, you’ll be a much easier target to hit.


Shields offer a fixed, determined amount of damage they can take. Every time they are hit by a weapon, the damage is taken away from the amount of the shields’ charge. Shields also have a “field integrity” value, the lower the value, the more damage will “leak” through and damage the hull. The more damage a hull takes, the greater chance a component will be damaged and unable to function until it is repaired.

Hulls don’t offer a fixed, determined amount of damage they can take. Every time they are hit, there is the chance of them suffering a catastrophic hull breach and exploding. The more damage they accumulate, the greater the chance of this happening. The more mass and structural integrity the hull has (which is shown in the shipyards) the more resistant it is to this happening.

Alpha Notes

Right now, only primary weapons (beams and pulses) are working. Secondary weapons have yet to be coded. And it is very unbalanced, now that combat is in, I can tweak things to match and offer different strategies, rather than guessing. And there is no control of ships in your fleet, they just act autonomously.

Pretty Pictures

ssc2-010-ship-combat ssc2-011-ship-combat ssc2-012-ship-combat ssc2-013-ship-combat

December 17th, 2016 Update Report


So, work on the combat screen is coming along nicely. I finally worked out how combat will affect the empire’s sectors. Instead of having to attack every single sector, when you defeat an enemy fleet the sectors within range of their originating shipyard, suffer a hit.

1-heading-into-enemy-territoryIn the galaxy view, if your sensors pick up a new signature, the Warning Panel will appear at the bottom left of the screen. If the contact reaches you, combat will engage.


Combat screen!

(Ignore the text, it’s all debug info)


After winning the losing sectors are highlighted:


So, all in all, work’s going well. But updates will be coming slower due to the amount of new code that needs to be done. (Maybe next week).

New Build for December 11th, 2016 6:14

A new build is out while I’m working on combat. This fixes some crash-inducing bugs and also increases performance in processing empires ~100X!

With the new performance increase, I was finally able to run a galaxy to over 1,000,000 years and weed out all the bugs with revolutions.

Starship Command 2 (Alpha Build 161125-1606) Update

Weapons! (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Gamma Beam Mk. 5)

So, I missed last week’s release target due to the work on weapon generation. But, that is now done and with the extra time I had, I was able to add more into this weeks release:


Primary  & Secondary weapons have been worked out an implemented in Starship Command 2. This also means that weapon arcs are back in!


The difference between a primary and secondary weapon is that the primary weapons charge directly from the power supplied from your ship’s reactor. Secondary weapons use ammo and create an explosion.


First is the ability to fund a shipyard’s construction in your empire’s sectors.


This will create a shipyard with a random EDOS rating in this sector. And as you can see, it is expensive!

And when you FTL drive reaches max radiation accumulation, it will no longer stop outright. Instead, it’s speed will keep decreasing until it is at 1% of its normal speed.

Also in this build are:

  • Ambient sounds in the galaxy view
  • Fixed a bug where friendly empires kept “touching” allies and never expanding
  • Language generation now defaults to using templates in “\languageTemplates\” folder
  • Watcher mode no longer shows player’s travel log and shipyard EDOS
  • Increase/Decrease sector development are now split into a 1X, 10X, and 100X options each

Starship Command 2 (Alpha Build 161106-1715) Update

The update for November 6th introduces some new features, changes and bug fixes.

The Biggest Change

In previous builds, empires were able to expand from any controlled sector. The recent introduction of shipyards opened up a much better way of handling expansion. Empires are now only able to expand from controlled sectors with shipyards.

This makes expansion more interesting, as the empire’s territory becomes more “shaped” then just a ever-increasing circle. Second and most importantly, is for when combat is introduced, this gives the player a direct focus to cripple an empire without having to attack each sector individually.

Also with the shipyards, the component generation was tweaked. Now, each shipyard has an E.D.O.S. rating (Economics, Defense, Offense & Size) which is shown in the galaxy view:


In the sector information panel, the E.D.O.S. rating is shown, 3 in Economic, 2 in Defense, 5 in Offense, and 1 in size. The yellow numbers surrounding the two sectors are the E.D.O.S. ratings going clockwise starting at the left.

Size is the shipyards hull size. In the picture one shipyards has a hull size of 1, the other has a hull size of 2.

Each of the components of a ship (FTL Drive, STL Engines, Shields, Reactors, Thrusters, Weapons) use a combination of the three ratings. An FTL Drive, uses the Economic and Defense ratings, so the lower shipyards will have a better FTL Drive then the one above it.

A full breakdown (or cheatsheet) on what components use what will be made when everything is in place.

Other Changes

Also changed, is in the shipyards windows, you can now see the components name:


Also the full price of the component, instead of just the difference need for purchase:


Another small change planets, stars and asteroid belts now are named by the controlling empire. The name will be changed if taken over by an enemy empire, but if taken back the original names are restored:


Small bug fixes includes:

  • Completely aggressive empire will no longer hate themselves.
  • Empires that revolted from another no longer have black ship codes.
  • Minor GUI tweaks and a test button click sound.